What Do Realtor Lawyers Do?

realtor lawyer

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Are you involved in real estate? Maybe you’re a landlord dealing with one or more rental properties. Maybe you’re simply trying to sell your existing home and manage your transfer. In addition to your real estate agent, you may want to have additional protection by way of a realtor lawyer. Read on to learn more about what a real estate lawyer can do for you.

Prep Documents

Real estate properties often involve tons of paperwork. In order to ensure that your paperwork is properly filled out and legal, a realtor lawyer can handle these things for you. Prepare and review all the legal documents related to your real estate transactions. Such paperwork can involve leases, title documents as well and purchase agreements.

Handle Negotiations

Real estate often involves careful negotiations. You may be trying to negotiate for a better sale price when you’re trying to unload your home. You’ll have more success doing so with an experienced realtor lawyer on your side. Whether you’re trying to sell a home or purchase it, let your lawyer handle it for you. For example, if you’re the one trying to purchase a home, you may want to negotiate further upgrades before you sign on the dotted line. Are you trying to get better terms for your mortgage or your refinancing options? It may be best to have your attorney also handle that.

Transfer Titles

Whoever holds the title to the home is the official owner. Transferring the titles can be a tedious process. Luckily, a realtor lawyer can facilitate this transfer of titles from one person to another. It may be necessary not only for a regular purchase but also when passing down home to your loved ones. After all, you may want your living heirs to take over the title of your home while you’re still alive. You may have bought separate homes that you’re now ready to pass down to your children as a gift

Provide Legal Expertise

The lawyer can provide general legal expertise. Thanks to their knowledge and experience dealing with real estate law, you don’t have to be a walking encyclopedia of information when dealing with your own property. Your lawyer will help you interpret existing laws and rulings. They’ll help you understand regulations related to your state, as well as federal guidelines. As a result, you can rest assured that your real estate transactions are legal.

Monitor Risk

Don’t forget that real estate is an investment. Even your main residence is an asset, so that’s part of your overall portfolio and general net worth. And with any investment can come some level of risk. The experience your lawyers bring allows them to quickly monitor any legal risk involved in real estate transactions you’re about to partake in. There may be a certain amount of risk involved in the structure that you’re about to purchase or in investing in that particular area. After all, if you’re going to purchase a home in an area that has high crime or a poor school district, that is a level of risk to consider, especially if you plan to live there for a while. You must make the same consideration when it comes to commercial real estate.

Manage Compliance Concerns

Being in compliance is a must in real estate. Compliance can refer to building codes that you must adhere to before you sell your home or business. For example, if there is a mold infestation, lead plumbing, or asbestos concerns, these are all things that one must handle beforehand.

Represent Clients

According to Flex, “mom and pop” landlords own 41% of rental units in the United States. Whether you’re a small mom-and-pop owner or a big corporation, it’s a good idea to have a realtor lawyer represent you when needed. You may have to deal with litigation with the renter due to violations in a rental agreement. Even if there’s no litigation required, simply having a lawyer represent you for all formal matters can help you make matters go faster.

As you can see, a local realtor lawyer can do a lot for you whether you’re buying or selling property. They’ll take care of all legal documentation and compliance and can help represent you when needed. There are many layers involved in dealing with any type of real estate, so it’s always beneficial to have a professional help you out. For a realtor lawyer you can trust, contact our firm today for consultation.

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