When to Contact a Lawyer for a Landlord Dispute

landlord tenant laws

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Understanding landlord tenant laws is difficult without the help of an attorney. Fortunately, there are resources available. According to Zippia, the number of real estate attorneys currently practicing in the U.S. exceeds 7,165. If you’re wondering if it makes sense to hire a lawyer to help you with your dispute, here are a few indicators that it’s a good idea to do so.

Tenants have rights too, and if you feel like yours are being violated, you should contact a lawyer. They can provide advice on how to handle the situation and let you know if you have a legal case that’s worth pursuing. Don’t hesitate to seek legal counsel to help resolve your legal dispute. Here are a few common situations where it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer for your case.

You’re the Victim of Discrimination

When it comes to discrimination, landlord tenant laws are very clear. If you’re a member of a protected class, and you believe that your landlord or a potential landlord is discriminating against you, it’s time to contact a lawyer. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better. There’s no need to fight this battle on your own, as there’s legal help available. Discrimination can be difficult to spot and prove on your own.

Some landlords know how to skirt the legalities and stay just on this side of the law. Regardless of these shady actions, there are protections in place for you. Contact a lawyer immediately if you believe that you’re the victim of discrimination and let them fight for you.

They’re Trying to Unfairly Evict You

Eviction is a legal process available to property owners to protect them from tenants who stop paying rent or otherwise violate the terms of the agreed-upon lease. If you’re in compliance with your lease, and you’re still being evicted, call a lawyer right away. There are protections available that can help you potentially stay in your rented property while the matter is resolved. Don’t succumb to the bully tactics that many unscrupulous landlords apply to intimidate their tenants.

Hire a lawyer to fight for your rights. Even if you’re in violation of your lease, there are certain legal steps that must be taken before you can be evicted. If you’re involved in an eviction that you believe to be unfair, it’s time to contact a lawyer. They can review your case and determine if your rights are being violated or if the landlord isn’t following the proper legal process.

The Rental Property Is No Longer Safe or Habitable

Landlords are required to provide their tenants with a safe and habitable property. If something happens that makes the property unsafe or uninhabitable. There are landlord tenant laws in place to protect you from these types of situations. For example, if there’s a fire or flood that damages your rental property and your landlord refuses to make repairs, it’s time to hire an attorney.

There are laws in place to protect you from such situations and help you. When your rental property is no longer considered safe, your landlord needs to make improvements or offer other accommodations. If you’re unsure what rights you have and how to handle a situation where damage has occurred to the property you’re renting, it’s time to call a lawyer.

Tenant law is a specialized area of law. When you decide it’s time to hire a lawyer, be sure to do your research and find one that has a high level of experience with landlord tenant laws. You’ll need to have someone fighting for you who understands the law and knows what protections are available for tenants. Don’t try to go it alone when it comes to fighting your landlord. They likely have more experience with and knowledge of the law as well as greater resources.

When you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, the best option is to seek legal advice. They’ll be able to direct you on the next steps and advise you in the event that there’s a reason to move forward with legal action.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to landlord tenant laws and how to protect oneself as a tenant. Fortunately, our team is here to help protect your rights and fight for you. If you’re involved in a dispute, contact The Law Office of Lawrence M. Centanni today to schedule a consultation. We strive to get our clients the favorable outcomes that their cases deserve. We look forward to working with you!

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