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When You Need to Sell Real Property After Someone Dies

You could easily feel overwhelmed. Taking charge of an estate often comes with a plethora of emotions and decisions. So, what exactly happens when you need to sell real property after someone [...]


Option to Purchase in Commercial Lease: What You Need to Know

When you’re a commercial landlord, you should know certain key terms are critical to your lease agreement. However, are you considering the sale of the property? If so, you may want to insert a [...]


Why Would You Need to Worry about Real Property Easements?

When you purchase real property, you more than likely expect exclusive use. However, that’s not necessarily always the case. Real property easements could give another individual or entity some [...]


Ejectment: How to Remove a Non-Tenant from Your Property

If you’re a landlord, you already know that tenants can be evicted for more than nonpayment of rent.  All things considered, you may have some idea how the process works. You and your attorney [...]


When Your Dispute is With Your Homeowners’ Association

If you’re paying HOA fees, you may have your own idea of how your homeowners’ association works. As long as things go smoothly, years pass without any concerns. However, what happens if you find [...]


Commercial Leases: What in the World is an Indemnity Clause?

Whether you’re a commercial landlord or tenant, you may be confused. As you read through the lease agreement, you find language that’s somewhat foreign to you. Understandably, you can’t help but [...]


When It Looks Like Joint Owners Need to Divide Real Property

No doubt just about everyone knows the parable of the prodigal son. Like most often repeated stories, it actually has application in today’s world. Somewhere in New Jersey, some family is [...]


What Every Landlord Should Know about Assistance Animals

Let’s face it. Some feel the concept of assistance animals has just gone too far.  In fact, just a year ago, United Airlines took steps in limiting the use of emotional support animals when a [...]


How Important is a Real Estate Attorney to Your Divorce?

As 2018 almost comes to an end, you may be thinking towards the future. This is especially true if you are going through a divorce. That said, the dissolution of a marriage can be complicated in [...]


Underground Storage Tank Leaks in New Jersey: What To Do If You Experience This Potential Disaster Scenario

In Texas, if you hit oil, you make a lot of money. In New Jersey, you dearly pay for it. Here is a common scenario amongst home sellers and property owners: a New Jersey homeowner discovered an [...]

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