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What You Need to Know: Arbitration and Your Business Contract

You entered into a business contract with another company. As far as you’re concerned, the agreement contains language that appears somewhat standard. In fact, it could be that your own attorney [...]


The Fate of Over 20,000 DWI Cases: What Happens Next?

You remember your day in court.  As you conferenced with your defense attorney, you were advised that the machine testing your blood alcohol showed you over the .08% level. Although it made no [...]


This Land is My Land… (But is it Really?)

The lyrics of the great American tune might start out with “This land is your land.” However, as far as you’re concerned, it’s nothing of the kind.  You’re ready to scream from the rooftops that [...]


Charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs?

You may already be aware of the protocol used in DWI arrests for alcohol-related impairment. Meanwhile, a BAC level of over .08% isn’t the only thing that could get you in trouble.  If you’re [...]


Why in the World Do Most Tenants Lack Legal Representation?

Walk into any Landlord/Tenant courtroom and one thing is certain. When it comes to the landlords, most will have an attorney appearing on their behalf. However, tenants don’t engage in the [...]


What Happens to a Lease Agreement when a Tenant Dies?

“Tomorrow is promised to no one.”  There’s no doubt in the validity of the statement or that death changes most everything. In fact, as a residential landlord, you may encounter some confusion [...]


The Danger When Buying Real Estate: Know Your Boundaries

Buying a new home or an investment property?  For whatever reason, you might already feel like a bit of a risk taker. Should you actually be concerned about danger when buying real estate? For [...]


Behind the Scenes of a Complex Business Litigation Matter

When your business becomes involved in a dispute, things can become complicated.  A few years ago, the New Jersey Judiciary recognized the need to expedite cases. At the start of 2015, the New [...]


Buying Commercial Real Estate? Know all the Details!

Two words can make your life easier when it comes to buying commercial real estate. If you’re not sure what due diligence means, now is the time to learn. It’s a matter of knowing all the [...]


How to Make Business Succession a Better Experience

Admittedly, it’s a number that you might find astounding. Did you know that the United States Census Bureau reports that over 90% of American businesses are family owned? Even if the statistics [...]

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