The Fate of Over 20,000 DWI Cases: What Happens Next?


You remember your day in court.  As you conferenced with your defense attorney, you were advised that the machine testing your blood alcohol showed you over the .08% level. Although it made no sense to you, you couldn’t see a way to combat the evidence. Sound familiar?  You may well be one of other 20,000 […]

Charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs?

driving under the influence of drugs

You may already be aware of the protocol used in DWI arrests for alcohol-related impairment. Meanwhile, a BAC level of over .08% isn’t the only thing that could get you in trouble.  If you’re charged with driving under the influence of drugs, you are facing severe penalties. One could say that not all drugs are […]

Warning: The Problem with Refusing a Breathalyzer Request

It makes perfect sense to you.   You’ve had a couple of drinks.  Therefore, it’s a bad idea to blow into a breathalyzer.  After all, you don’t want to give the police evidence that backs up their DWI charge.  Unfortunately, your decision will most likely work against you.  You won’t be happy with the consequences associated […]

Caution! It’s Not Just Municipal Court Charges!

There’s a common misconception among those facing municipal court charges.  Some figure that they aren’t such a big deal.  Therefore, they either ignore the court summons altogether or make an appearance without the benefit of legal counsel.  The first is never advisable. Meanwhile, it is a risk to go before a judge without an experienced […]

The Bottom Line is that a DWI Charge Can Ruin Your Holidays

If you listen to enough Christmas songs, you’ll notice two common themes.  For one, there’s an emphasis on making merry.  Alternatively, you might make a note of some rather depressing lyrics.  Perhaps it’s no wonder that there is an increase in the number of DWI charges around the holidays. Truth be told, songwriters seem to […]