The Bottom Line is that a DWI Charge Can Ruin Your Holidays

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If you listen to enough Christmas songs, you’ll notice two common themes.  For one, there’s an emphasis on making merry.  Alternatively, you might make a note of some rather depressing lyrics.  Perhaps it’s no wonder that there is an increase in the number of DWI charges around the holidays.

Truth be told, songwriters seem to know a bit about the possible connection between driving while under the influence and holiday celebrations.  One ballad claims that Santa won’t be back next Christmas Eve because he got arrested for a DWI.  Assuredly, there are more songs with rather funny lyrics about Santa driving while under the influence.

In reality, nothing is amusing about a DWI charge.  It can be a life-changing event that ruins more than just one holiday celebration.

The Start of a DWI Charge

You might not realize it, but not every DWI charge comes as a result of erratic driving.  Maybe you just left the office party and had a couple of drinks.  As a result, you could feel just a bit buzzed.   However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has an important message for you.

Buzzed driving is drunk driving.  You may even have noticed a few billboards to this effect.  No doubt the evidence will come through in a breathalyzer test.

Fast forward to your traffic stop.   All things considered, it could be that you’ve come across one of many sobriety checkpoints.  You might think of them as a means of bringing in municipal revenue, but their purpose is to encourage sober driving.  Notwithstanding, there is a multitude of reasons that you could be pulled over and ultimately face drunk driving charges.

If you are suspected of driving while intoxicated, the police have standard procedures in place.  You should know what to expect.  Meanwhile, if you have already been arrested for drunk driving, your attorney will review the circumstances of your arrest in preparing for your defense.

DWI Stops

Without question, it can be quite intimidating to be pulled over for DWI.  Notwithstanding, you should not let your apprehension turn into arrogance.   You should do your best to cooperate with the police.  Otherwise, you could find yourself with more than just drunk driving charges.

Once again, local and state police are keenly aware that they must follow standard protocol.  Failure to do so might ultimately help in defense of your DWI charges.   Field sobriety tests are part of the analysis used in determining whether you are driving under the influence.

More than likely, you also know that breathalyzers are used in conjunction with drunk driving arrests.  However, did you know that the police are expected to observe you for twenty minutes before asking you to blow into the breath machine?

You may be tempted to refuse a breathalyzer request.  However, that is not a good idea at all.  In New Jersey, you won’t avoid DWI penalties by refusing to take a breath test.  Under New Jersey law, you could lose your license for up to a year for a breathalyzer refusal.  And, that’s the penalty if it’s the first offense!

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