What Does a House Closing Lawyer Do?

house closing lawyer

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A closing lawyer goes by several names. You may hear them referred to as a real estate lawyer.. However, these names usually refer to the same house closing lawyer, an attorney who helps you handle the various aspects of closing the sale on a house. In some states, having an attorney is mandatory for this process. However, even when it’s not mandatory, most people prefer to be represented by an attorney.

Organizing the Closing Process

According to Statista, 6.1 million homes were sold throughout 2021. Many of these involve a professional because an attorney will help you organize every aspect of the sale. A house closing lawyer represents most people so that all lawyers will organize meetings together. They’ll ensure everything necessary for closing, like an inspection, is accomplished on time so you can enjoy a flawlessly scheduled closing. Having someone with experience beside you during this process is necessary for a seamless ownership transition. A house closing lawyer will organize everything from phone calls to meetings.

Necessary Paperwork

One primary thing that a house closing lawyer will help with is the closing paperwork. Lawyers will carefully review paperwork prepared by the other party, ensuring that there are no conditions in the fine print you won’t agree with. More than anything, they’ll always have your best interest at heart. That means that your lawyer will consider every detail in the paperwork. For example, they’ll ensure things like the homeowner making agreed-upon repairs promptly are in the closing paperwork. Having a house closing lawyer can instantly make dealing with paperwork less stressful.

Perform Title Searches

A title search is a necessary component of buying a home. You have to make sure the title is free and clear. For example, if there is a lien on the property, you can’t legally buy it. Other issues may be transferred with the title, making the new buyer responsible for things that happened before they bought the house. You’ll also need a house closing attorney to state that the title is free and clear to get great title insurance. A house closing attorney will handle all the research and paperwork you need.

Conducting Research

There’s a lot of research that goes into buying a home. First, a house closing attorney will research the title. They’ll also make sure that you know about homeowners association fees you’ll have to pay after you complete the purchase. Buyers can easily forget critical details like this. A professional house closing attorney will consider every detail, including fees, an inspection report, warranty information, and anything else you need. Your house closing lawyer will keep you up to date on everything they discover.

The Closing Date

Figuring out everything that has to do with buying a home can be overwhelming. You may not know how long things will take, making it hard to determine a closing date. A professional lawyer will know the approximate timeframe because they have experience closing real estate sales. They’ll also help you accomplish everything necessary to ensure that you can close as soon as possible.

Amazing Guidance

Guidance is vital, especially if you’ve never purchased or sold a home. A house closing attorney will help guide you through the entire process. They will explain what legal terms mean so you fully understand contracts. When you have questions, an attorney with previous experience is just one phone call away. You’ll be able to enjoy the excitement of a new home instead of stressing about whether you’re making mistakes or forgetting things throughout the process.

Get to Know the Expertise of a House Closing Lawyer

Ultimately, every state has different laws regarding real estate transactions, so it’s important to hire a legal professional familiar with your state’s regulations. If you’re looking to enlist our services, feel free to ask the legal experts at The Law Office Of Lawrence M. Centanni about how we can help you out.

Having a professional house closing attorney by your side through the entire process is necessary. A real estate lawyer will ensure you don’t forget anything, like the importance of an inspection. Every piece of advice you receive from our professional legal team will have your best interest in mind. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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