Do I Need to Hire a Home Inspector to Purchase a House in New Jersey?

By Larry Centanni, Esq. It’s hard to find a great home that you can afford and easy to fall in love with it when you do, so it’s important to take prudent steps to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying. New Jersey law does not require hiring a home inspector to purchase a […]

How Protected Wetlands Could Kill Your Real Estate Deal


It doesn’t matter if your real estate transaction involves a purchase or a sale. In fact, it’s also irrelevant if you’re buying or selling commercial real estate or residential property. It’s a fact.  Protected wetlands could kill your real estate deal. And, that’s just the beginning. All things considered, you may not even truly comprehend […]

How Important is a Real Estate Attorney to Your Divorce?

real estate divorce

As 2018 almost comes to an end, you may be thinking towards the future. This is especially true if you are going through a divorce. That said, the dissolution of a marriage can be complicated in many regards. Among them, is the issue of equitable distribution. In fact, you may find that you need an […]

The Danger When Buying Real Estate: Know Your Boundaries

Buying a new home or an investment property?  For whatever reason, you might already feel like a bit of a risk taker. Should you actually be concerned about danger when buying real estate? For starters, you should absolutely know your boundaries. In this particular case, it’s not about knowing your limitations concerning price or concessions […]

Considering a Commercial Sublet? Avoid These Mistakes!

It might sound like a fabulous opportunity.  However, it may quickly turn into a disaster.  There are three parties to consider in every commercial sublet agreement.  Ignoring any of them can be problematic.  Consequently, it pays to investigate everything and avoid trouble. What is your role in the sublet agreement?   Are you the actual property […]

What Actually is the Purpose of the Anti-Eviction Act?

If you are a tenant facing removal, your last hope may seem to come from the Anti-Eviction Act.   Certainly, there is a law that restricts the ability of a landlord to oust you from your home.  Notwithstanding, landlords may find some solace in this part of the law.  It may prove to be extremely helpful. […]

How to Avoid Problems with Closing on Your House

More than likely, you’re excited about closing on your house.  But, have you done your due diligence?  Will you be able to get a certificate of occupancy without problems?  Not sure what could go wrong?   Consider this example. You’ve decided to purchase what has been represented as a three-family home in Union County.  The house […]

What You Need to Know about Tenancy by the Entirety

For most couples, one of the joys of marriage is buying a house.  For some, it’s the thought that real estate acts as an investment that increases in value.  There’s also the anticipation that memories will be created in the home.  Furthermore, you feel secure in knowing there is the proverbial roof over your head. […]

Online Legal Advice Cannot Replace Retained Legal Counsel

The thought of online legal advice might have its appeal.  First of all, it is  always nice to save a few dollars.  Next, time is always a consideration.  After all, what is  the harm in filling in a few forms on your own?  Retaining an attorney may sound time-consuming  and expensive.  Without retaining an attorney, […]

Can Reverse Mortgages Actually be Disastrous?

For some older homeowners, reverse mortgages sound inviting; they represent a means of securing home equity loans without making monthly mortgage payments.  In theory, it appears to be a very good idea for retired citizens who need extra cash.  Unfortunately, some reverse mortgages may actually be disastrous. Not sure what we mean?  Let’s take a […]