Multi-Family Property Owner? Make Sure You Do This!

If you’re a multi-family property owner, you might not be aware of all your obligations.  It doesn’t matter if your building has just three or four units. New Jersey state law requires you abide by a registration process. An assortment of housing options exist in Elizabeth and many of the surrounding communities. As a prospective […]

What Happens When You Secure an Eviction Order?

As a landlord, you are beyond frustrated.  Your tenant has failed to pay the rent in months.  Excuse after excuse.   You have a mortgage on the property and are running low on funds.   Finally, you go to court and the judge executes an eviction order. You’re ready to paint the apartment and prepare it for […]

When Your Residential Tenant has Abandoned Property

As a landlord, you already know that renting an apartment or house includes its share of risk and frustration.   Unfortunately, one of the major hurdles occurs at the conclusion of tenancy.  What happens when your tenant has seemingly abandoned property?  Can you just throw it away? It’s not always predictable.  Some tenants may skip out […]