Top 10 Things to Know as a New Jersey Landlord

Logo of Centanni Law next to chalkboard house that reads "For Lease" and the words 10 Things to Know as a New Jersey Landlord.

By Larry M. Centanni, Esq. When it comes to landlord-tenant law in New Jersey, the rules are spelled out pretty clearly. There are certain rules that landlords must abide by and the same is also true for tenants. The purpose of the law is to protect all parties involved in rental situations. One of the […]

Tenants Can be Evicted for More than Nonpayment of Rent


If you every visit Union County’s Landlord Tenant Court, one thing is certain. You’ll walk away with the impression that the majority of evictions are premised on nonpayment of rent. No doubt some statistics support your instincts. Meanwhile, you should know that landlords can evict tenants for other reasons than their failure to make good […]

Evicting Your Tenant? Will You Need to Pay Relocation Expenses?

Are you a landlord in the process of evicting a tenant?  You are far from alone.  However, there is something you should know.  There’s a slim chance that the court could require you to pay relocation expenses.   In fact, the amount due could really set you off. It’s a bit difficult to quantify the number […]

When It Looks Like You Need to Evict a Commercial Tenant

If you’re a commercial landlord, you already know how hard it is to lease space.  Meanwhile, there may come a time that things just don’t work out right.  Truth be told, it could be as simple as needing to evict a commercial tenant for failure to pay the rent.  Of course, you’ll want to make […]

Every Landlord Should Absolutely Know about this Eviction Defense

    All you know is that your tenant is overdue with the rent.  When it comes time to go to court, the tenant claims that you’ve failed to make some necessary repairs.  In fact, she asserts that the premises are intolerable.   Meanwhile, the court appearance is your first notice that the tenant finds the […]

What Happens When You Secure an Eviction Order?

As a landlord, you are beyond frustrated.  Your tenant has failed to pay the rent in months.  Excuse after excuse.   You have a mortgage on the property and are running low on funds.   Finally, you go to court and the judge executes an eviction order. You’re ready to paint the apartment and prepare it for […]

Converted Garages as Living Space: What You Need to Know

No doubt you already realize the challenge of finding affordable rentals in New Jersey.  For example, you may notice that some homeowners in cities like Elizabeth and Linden have converted garages into living space.  Is it legal to move into a converted garage?  Or, could your tenancy be short-lived? For the prospective landlord renting out […]

What Actually is the Purpose of the Anti-Eviction Act?

If you are a tenant facing removal, your last hope may seem to come from the Anti-Eviction Act.   Certainly, there is a law that restricts the ability of a landlord to oust you from your home.  Notwithstanding, landlords may find some solace in this part of the law.  It may prove to be extremely helpful. […]