3 Reasons Your New Jersey Company Should Really Incorporate

You own a New Jersey company or about to start one.  Meanwhile, you’re a bit confused.  Admittedly, you’ve done your share of internet research.  You’re not sure if you need to incorporate.  After all, there are so many choices when it comes to determining the business entity that best matches your business model. For individuals […]

How to Avoid a Breach of Contract Claim

Reputation is everything.  More than likely, you take pride in the goods or services you provide.  You already know that satisfied customers increase sales and earning potential.  To put it into perspective, the same is true of negative reviews. For sure, you never want things to reach the level that causes a client to assert […]

New Jersey Bulk Sales Act: What You Should Know

Are you familiar with the New Jersey Bulk Sales Act?  It’s an important part of state tax laws that can apply to different types of business owners and real estate investors.  Above all, it’s important to understand the consequences of failing to comply with this portion of the law. According to the New Jersey State […]

When Should You Actually Retain a Business Lawyer?

What may seem like a simple idea can easily blossom into a big business.  One thing is certain.  The right time for retaining a business lawyer is when you are ready to open shop. Without experienced legal advice, you can find yourself regretting your inaction. Candidly, there are two important professionals when it comes to […]

Online Legal Advice Cannot Replace Retained Legal Counsel

The thought of online legal advice might have its appeal.  First of all, it is  always nice to save a few dollars.  Next, time is always a consideration.  After all, what is  the harm in filling in a few forms on your own?  Retaining an attorney may sound time-consuming  and expensive.  Without retaining an attorney, […]