Option to Purchase in Commercial Lease: What You Need to Know

Option to purchase

When you’re a commercial landlord, you should know certain key terms are critical to your lease agreement. However, are you considering the sale of the property? If so, you may want to insert a clause that gives your commercial tenant an option to purchase. For a moment, consider this. You own a commercial building and […]

Why Would You Need to Worry about Real Property Easements?


When you purchase real property, you more than likely expect exclusive use. However, that’s not necessarily always the case. Real property easements could give another individual or entity some rights to your land. Meanwhile, you should know that the government can acquire easements for public purposes. The best examples of legal concepts often come from […]

Ejectment: How to Remove a Non-Tenant from Your Property


If you’re a landlord, you already know that tenants can be evicted for more than nonpayment of rent.  All things considered, you may have some idea how the process works. You and your attorney show up in landlord-tenant court and plead your case. However, let’s put that to the side for the time being. What […]