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An Important Perspective on the Fiduciary Duties of LLCs

More than likely, there are a few reasons that you chose to form your business as a limited liability company (LLC).  For most, there may be a presumption that your claims exposure will not [...]


Purchasers Beware: Why You Really Need a Property Survey

While most of the world is out finding holiday presents, you may be preparing for a much more significant purchase.  Are you in the midst of buying your dream home?  There are many things you [...]


Every Landlord Should Absolutely Know about this Eviction Defense

  All you know is that your tenant is overdue with the rent.  When it comes time to go to court, the tenant claims that you’ve failed to make some necessary repairs.  In fact, she asserts [...]


How to Make Buying a Business a Smoother Transaction

When it comes to buying a business, you want the transaction to go smooth.  This means getting a clear understanding of what you’re buying into, and what the deal includes.  After all, you’re in [...]


What Happens When You Secure an Eviction Order?

As a landlord, you are beyond frustrated.  Your tenant has failed to pay the rent in months.  Excuse after excuse.   You have a mortgage on the property and are running low on funds.   Finally, [...]


New Jersey Bulk Sales Act: What You Should Know

Are you familiar with the New Jersey Bulk Sales Act?  It’s an important part of state tax laws that can apply to different types of business owners and real estate investors.  Above all, it’s [...]


Is an Oral or Handshake Agreement Ever Good Enough?

For years, you’ve managed your construction business with handshake agreements.  You’ve never had a problem getting paid.  All things considered, it might be because you do superior work and only [...]


When Your Residential Tenant has Abandoned Property

As a landlord, you already know that renting an apartment or house includes its share of risk and frustration.   Unfortunately, one of the major hurdles occurs at the conclusion of tenancy.  What [...]


This Needs to Happen When a Business Partnership Ends

It can easily be said that a business partnership and marriage have common denominators.  All things considered, both work best with similar goals and a sense of teamwork.  Unfortunately, [...]


Converted Garages as Living Space: What You Need to Know

No doubt you already realize the challenge of finding affordable rentals in New Jersey.  For example, you may notice that some homeowners in cities like Elizabeth and Linden have converted [...]

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