Knowing Your Rights as a Renter

landlord tenant laws

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Today, over a third of people are renting their homes. According to RubyHome, 34% of American households are rentals. However, most people need to become more familiar with landlord tenant laws. These laws regulate your rights as a renter. Understanding the most common laws can help protect you and your family.


Your landlord’s responsible for most repairs, primarily if they concern safety issues. For example, if the furnace goes out, your landlord must replace it so you can have heat. They’ll also be responsible for roof repairs and toxic mold that are through no fault of yours.

Code Enforcement

When a landlord refuses to make repairs, renters have options. Landlord tenant laws give renters several options, but these regulations vary depending on location. In most cities, you would visit city hall and speak with code enforcement. Then, your rent goes into an escrow account until the landlord makes the necessary repairs.


It is illegal for a landlord to enter the premises without notice. Most states call for a landlord to provide at least 24 hours’ notice that they need access to the property. If they do not, you don’t have to let them in. It’s also illegal for them to retaliate against you for refusing entry. This ensures that your personal space is respected.


Every renter or applicant is also protected against discrimination. A landlord cannot treat you differently due to your skin color, sex, religion, or anything else. If they do, you can report them to a local housing authority. You cannot be denied the opportunity to rent a property due to any of those factors.

Security Deposit

When moving into a property, tenants often pay a security deposit. This is to protect the landlord against any damages. However, tenants also have a right to get the security deposit back when they move out. Properly document the condition of the property when moving in and out. Then, the landlord should list the damages, how much they cost, and how much of your deposit you receive back.

Understanding the landlord tenant laws is essential to ensuring that you are protected, have a safe living environment, and that your landlord does their job. If you need clarification on whether you’re being treated fairly, give us a call. We have lawyers with experience handling rental problems ready to fight for you.

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