Purchasing a Multi-Family Home with Existing Tenants

When purchasing a multi-family property with tenants that are already living in the property, there are some particular issues that a landlord needs to watch out for.  Multi-family housing can be an excellent investment, particularly when there are already tenants in the building who will provide steady cash flow from the property from day one […]

Landlord Rights in NJ: Everything You Need to Know

Do you rent property to others? If so, you need to get to know your landlord rights in NJ. Knowing your rights will ensure you make all the right moves. Over 35% of New Jersey residents live in rental housing. This high amount of renters puts rental housing availability in huge demand. That level of […]

No Certificate of Occupancy is Not a Bar to Eviction

certification of occupancy eviction

Way back when in 2001 a New Jersey landlord that had grounds to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent or for other causes under landlord tenant law, could be barred simply because the property did not have a certificate of occupancy. Although the requirements vary from town to town, a certificate of occupancy is […]

What You Need to Know about Property Deeds in New Jersey

deed in new jersey

Some say variety is the spice of life. Well, in New Jersey, there is potpourri (no pun intended) of deeds and you better know which one you are receiving at a real estate closing.  So, property deeds are signed written instruments for transferring the title of property from a seller to a buyer. Yes lackluster, […]

Who Benefits from Exclusive Use Provisions in Commercial Leases?

exclusive use provisions

When you buy commercial property, you face many challenges. Among other things, it’s critical to ensure rental of all available space. In some circumstances, this means including exclusive use provisions in the lease agreement. Is that really such a good idea? Consider situations where a commercial landlord might agree to an exclusive use clause in […]

Forgery in Real Estate Transactions: A Growing Concern

forgery and real estate

It’s not just that it’s a crime. Forgery in real estate transactions poses the potential for all kinds of trouble. Unfortunately, it’s something you might learn firsthand. Recent news regarding fraudulent claims regarding deed transfers comes in from two neighboring states. In Pennsylvania, authorities charged a Philadelphia man with forging signatures on deeds to transfer […]

30 Things You Need to Know about Real Estate Law in NJ

real estate law

Buying or selling a house in New Jersey? Be prepared to meet a host of experts, from appraisers to real estate agents to mortgage lenders. Of course, that just starts the list. However, there’s something you should know. Attorneys are the only professionals permitted to provide legal advice on real estate law. If you’re the […]

Landlords Need to Know the Risk in Retaining a Security Deposit

security deposit

Whether you’re a new landlord or a seasoned one, it’s something you need to know. Retaining a security deposit comes with its share of risks. In the end, it’s something that could cause more problems than its worth. Without question, renting property to tenants comes with its share of challenges. In some cases, problems arise […]

How Protected Wetlands Could Kill Your Real Estate Deal


It doesn’t matter if your real estate transaction involves a purchase or a sale. In fact, it’s also irrelevant if you’re buying or selling commercial real estate or residential property. It’s a fact.  Protected wetlands could kill your real estate deal. And, that’s just the beginning. All things considered, you may not even truly comprehend […]

What Happened in this Case Involving Return of a Security Deposit?

security deposit

As a residential landlord, you should know the law concerning security deposits. No doubt you think of the money you hold onto as quasi-insurance on your property. However, what happens when there is a dispute about the return of a security deposit? In case you didn’t realize it, your failure to properly refund a security […]