What You Need to Know: Arbitration and Your Business Contract


You entered into a business contract with another company. As far as you’re concerned, the agreement contains language that appears somewhat standard. In fact, it could be that your own attorney drew up the contracts.  Meanwhile, there’s a chance an experienced business lawyer reviewed the agreements before you signed on the dotted line. You recall […]

The Fate of Over 20,000 DWI Cases: What Happens Next?


You remember your day in court.  As you conferenced with your defense attorney, you were advised that the machine testing your blood alcohol showed you over the .08% level. Although it made no sense to you, you couldn’t see a way to combat the evidence. Sound familiar?  You may well be one of other 20,000 […]

This Land is My Land… (But is it Really?)

land is my land

The lyrics of the great American tune might start out with “This land is your land.” However, as far as you’re concerned, it’s nothing of the kind.  You’re ready to scream from the rooftops that “This land is my land.”  Meanwhile, your statement might find you seeking legal counsel to prove your contentions. Here’s how […]